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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Demonic Possession II: A Devil's Foothold

Today, I am continuing the subject of “demonic possession.”  There are basically, three stages of a demonic attack, being oppressed by the devil, tormented by the devil and then complete possession by the devil. Let’s look into some of the root causes.
In Ephesians 4:27, the Bible says, “do not give the devil a “foothold.” (NIV). The Word “foothold is the English translation for the Greek word “Topos.”  The word “Topos” means: place, location or License. In other words, what the Bible is teaching us is, DO NOT give the devil a place or a location into your life (soul) and do not give the devil a “LICENSE to oppress, torment, or possess you.  Let’s put it another way, DO NOT give the devil a “LEGAL RIGHT” (license) to have a space or location into your soul. Wow!! What a powerful warning that God gives us in His Word. 
The Scriptures directly above verse 27 and below (Eph 4:17-32) give us greater insight into what actually constitutes a demonic foothold. Let’s look at three "footholds" or legal rights that the devil can have into a person’s life. First, the Bible talks about being “separated from the Life of God.” There are some people who don’t even believe that there is a God. These people are separated from Him. The Bible says, “A Fool has said in his heart that there is no God.”If God has no part of an individual’s life or of a family’s life, and if they don’t live for God and obey His Word, then they are “separated from the Life of God.” That gives the devil a legal right to attack, torment and/or take up space into that life.  Where ever God isn’t present, you can rest assured that the devil is present.  He loves dark places; he dwells around the life and the family that has no relationship with God. You show me a place that doesn’t have God and I’ll show you a place where the devil has a foothold!  
Secondly, The Bible talks about indulging into sensuality and lust.  In all of my dealings with people who have been possessed by a demon, by far, the number one legal right has been “sexual sin.    Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry in America alone. And with every family having access to the internet, Satan has a HUGE foothold right into our living rooms via "internet pornography." The Bible says all other sins are committed outside the body, but sexual sin (fornication or sex out of marriage, adultery etc...) is a sin that we commit against our own body by which we defile our own flesh.  The Bible also says that when a man and woman join together (sex), they become “ONE FLESH.” That means with whomever you have sexual relations with, you become one with that person. Scary isn’t it!!  This is an open door for the devil to gain access into your life.  That is why God ordained the Marriage bed. Instead of defiling one another, we can sanctify the relationship. Yet in today’s world, people are disregarding Holy Matrimony, and living like the animal kingdom! 
Thirdly, the Bible mentions another foothold called, “UNFORGIVENESS.”  When we don’t forgive a person for their trespasses against us it opens the door to things like:  anger, bitterness, resentment, wrath and animosity.  These raw and negative emotions weigh heavily on the human soul; they also give a legal right for the devil to torment us.  Jesus says to forgive and we shall be forgiven.  If you are carrying these types of emotions around, LET IT GO AND FORGIVE!  It doesn’t mean that whoever hurt you gets away with it; it just keeps you from carrying the offense fresh and new every day. It keeps the devil from gaining access into your life.  Nothing can torment the human soul like the foothold of unforgiveness. 
These are just three footholds I’ve mentioned today. There are many more, but I have to find a place to stop.  I could write a book on this subject.  The point of this blog entry is to bring people into a greater understanding of this subject. 
The best advice I can give is to strengthen your relationship with God.  The more of God you have the more of the light of His Glory shines into your soul. That is the one thing the devil can’t stand, the brightness of God’s precious Holy Spirit.  So be filled with His Spirit Today, which will drive away any evil that tries to harass you. Your life will be much happier and at peace. Until my next blog, forgive those who have wronged you and draw closer to God!
In God’s Love and Mine – Pastor Rick

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