"It was He that gave some to be Pastors." Eph 4:11

Monday, March 14, 2011

Demonic Possession

The Haunting of Mary Hartley, The Rite, Exorcist III, Exorcist:The New Beginning, Annelise: the Exorcist Tapes, Paranormal Activity I, Paranormal Activity 2, The Haunting, etc... are all movies produced by Hollywood in the last year or two. What do they all have in common? DEMONIC POSSESSION This does not include all of the mini – series’ showed weekly on regular TV. Hollywood is mass producing these films because they realize there is a large public interest. When there is a large public interest in something, Hollywood capitalizes on it immediately (they’re all about the money).

Why is there such an interest in the Demonic? Because never before in our history have so many people suffered and been tormented by Demons. Witchcraft, Satanism, palm readings, people contacting the dead, reading horoscopes etc... are all on the rise. Psychology is failing people because they are clueless on how to deal with "spiritual" problems. They handle the tormented by medication and medication will not drive out a demon.

As a Pastor, in the last 5 months, I have dealt with 6 cases of SEVERE demonic possession (I'm not mentioning small cases of torment). In one of these cases, a house was terribly haunted. In another case, children were being tormented. 

When I was in Paraguay (3 years ago), I dealt with this on a mass scale. God had to teach me how to bring deliverance on whole congregations at once! That was a profound and awesome experience, let me tell you. People were manifesting all over the place. If it wasn't for the MIGHTY POWER OF GOD, I wouldn't have been able to handle it.

There is a sector of Americans who don't believe in demons, Satan, or Hell. That's OK, they can believe how they want, and I will believe how God believes and teaches. The Bible is full of examples of Jesus driving out demons from all sorts of people.

In one of those examples found in the Book of Acts, there was a man who was horribly possessed. Seven sons of a high priest tried to drive out the unclean spirits. When they did, the demons inside of the man said, "Jesus we know, Paul the Apostle we've heard about, but who are you!" Then this one man under demonic power beat these seven men bloody and naked and they ran out into the streets defeated.

What does this teach us? Without the anointing of God, you can't defeat the devil; you definitely can't help those who are possessed! It takes more than a degree in psychology or a degree in any area of study! You must know how to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit. That, my friends, only comes by a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Why is there such a rise of Demonic Possession? What is causing this problem? I will answer those questions and many more in my next post. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!! If you or somebody you know is being tormented or if you suspect there may be demonic activity taking place in somebody’s life, THERE IS HOPE! Don't hesitate to contact me. I promise you this; we can help and there is healing for the soul. Until my next blog, keep your eyes on Jesus. He is theonly true solution there is!

In God's Love and Mine - Pastor Rick

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